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Green Clouds Ltd. brings an innovative and revolutionary concept for treating enclosed spaces, based on Ultrasonic Technology - 3 Dimensional Volume Treatment.

Over the last few years, as the awareness of global environmental sustainability has gained momentum, the need has arisen to face many air quality challenges - improving air quality, reducing contamination or pollution and creating just the right humidification conditions in a space.

Green Cloudsג€™ product, the UAG ג€“ Ultrasonic Aerosol Generator, provides a platform to transform different types of liquids into a super-fine aerosol (micron-sized droplets suspended in the air), and spread them evenly and quickly inside a certain volume.

This patented technology can provide diverse solutions to treat air for a wide variety of needs, from gently creating and controlling the humidity to disinfecting Indoor spaces that were polluted or contaminated.

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indoor air pollution

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