Both humidification and disinfection are required in many agriculture fields and processes, such as nurseries, greenhouses, post-harvest markets and habitats such as henhouses, beehives, etc.

Pre-Harvest - Nurseries & Greenhouses
The process of developing any seed and producing different crops, such as flowers and plants, requires just the right environment to ensure quality and a long shelf-life. Green Clouds can ensure the crop will get enough gently applied humidity for its maintenance, but without wetting the crop and creating the basis for deterioration & parasites. Green Clouds can also deliver a disinfection process at every stage of the crop development, with the right agent, which is critical in preventing any loss of product.

Post – Harvest Market - Storage & Refrigerated transportation
The great challenge after harvest, cleaning, cooling, sorting and packing is to keep the product's freshness. The refrigeration process dries the air inside the storage warehouse to protect the crop, shriveling the product by up to 20% of its pre-harvest weight. Green Clouds offers a gentle humidification solution to add just the right humidity, without creating any wetness on the delicate crops. Moreover, Green Clouds can help protect crops from bacteria, mold & fungus by adding a decontaminating agent to its aerosol. These two solutions enable Green Clouds to be your partner to help maintain product quality, drastically reduce damaged crops, lengthen shelf-life and increase your profitability.

Henhouses, different closed habitat, etc
These agriculture sites have to deliver the best development conditions & needs for any specific species. In this case, the biggest threat is contamination of the habitat. Green Clouds’ aerosol, with the right decontaminating agent, can minimize the number of parasites, bacteria, fungi and diseases that strike an agricultural site, by gently and evenly spreading the diluted disinfection agent throughout the habitat, without causing any wetness

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Benefits of the UAG system:
No wetting due to "Dry Fog" -
critical for henhouses and other habitats.
Effective & quick coverage of space,
thanks to the aerosol and its tiny droplets, suspended in the air.
Full volume disinfection -
Good penetration by the aerosol will assure full coverage of the space.
Save on chemicals –
Long-lasting treatment, using relatively smaller amount of chemicals.
Achieve high levels of Relative Humidity
RH up to 100% .
Operate from a moving platform,
such as tractors.
Can deliver a wide range of substances.
food safety
indoor air pollution
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