In today’s world, we are facing many new challenges in the field of air treatment.

Air Conditioning
Heating or air-conditioning systems heat or cool spaces, but at the same time dry the air. They often create an environment in the duct for the development of different contaminants. Green Clouds’ UAG can improve the quality of the air spread via air-conditioning systems, and create a comfortable environment by adding its unique “dry” humidity, raising the RH level – and in this way balancing the dry air. Furthermore, it is possible to add a disinfection agent to decontaminate the ducts.

Odor Control
The UAG can also reduce bad odors that are created in some production processes, in a variety of industries.

Air pollution & General Volume Treatment
Due to the high awareness and risks of environmental pollution, a need is developing, for a more complete volume treatment to handle every corner and every surface within a certain space. Green Clouds' UAG is a platform that can deliver an aerosol containing tiny droplets of a wide variety of liquid substances diluted in water to address this need. The UAG will be fed into the air conditioning system, delivering "treated" air with the right RH (Relative Humidity) level or the requested disinfection agent into the system (exterior to the system).

Thanks to the special & unique characters of Green Clouds' aerosol, the user enjoys the following benefits:

"Dry fog" with no wetness.
Complete, long-lasting disinfection coverage - a long lasting treatment with efficient spread of any substance and good penetration of the fog in every area of the treated space.
Homogeneous disinfection - The Ultrasonic process will not change or influence the substance characteristics, meaning that the fog that delivered into the space will have the exact chemical composition as the original mass.

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