Product Benefits

Rapid & High Penetration of Humidity - Rapidly reach target humidity up to 100% RH and fast coverage of the volume due to homogeneous spreading of tiny droplets. Uses air from room (no change in air components).
No wetting of surfaces - due to the UAG’s aerosol physical characteristics, the droplets will remain floating in the air in a random fashion, (they will not have enough energy to join one another, become bigger and therefore quickly condense). No risk for electronic devices in the space (PCBs, Encoders, etc..)
Can deliver a wide range of liquids
More effective disinfection - each droplet in the "dry fog” will have the exact same chemical composition as in the original mass, meaning each of the billions of drops is effectively disinfecting.
Device operation will not change the air components
the air will constantly be cycled through the device. A blower will use the air to accelerate the droplets out into the space.

Operational Benefits

Operates successfully from moving platforms - the UAG has the ability to continuously operate on wheels and to operate while in motion.
Low energy consumption - the UAG requires only 85 Watts to convert 1 liter of liquid into an aerosol.
Simple installation & training - “plug-and-play”
Very silent in operation
Easy and low cost maintenance
food safety
indoor air pollution
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