Field-proven solution for optimal printing with low humidity
Green Clouds has developed a patented ultrasonic fogging device, capable of producing tiny droplets of 1.2 microns. This creates a “dry” fog, which can humidify in a controlled manner, without damaging sensitive electronics.
Green Clouds customized this gentle humidification solution to meet the needs of an inkjet printer manufacturer and offers the stand-alone UAG-1 to address and solve printing problems related to low humidity. By carefully feeding this dry fog into the printer, print performance can be optimized, independent of the low humidity outside the printer. This technology is integrated and is operating successfully in one leading company's high-end printers.

User Benefits
  • Improved printing under dry conditions
  • No streaks, missing lines due to dry climate, especially critical for whites.
  • Plug&play accessory operates 24/7 user-free
  • Reduce downtime due to service calls related to low humidity printing

Demo …the unit we have continues to operate flawlessly. We have a continuous string of demonstrations and we do not streak with this unit. The outside humidity can be in the 20% range and under the hood we are at 60%.
..It is hot outside and in the operating area it is 95 degrees F / 35 C and the humidifier is working perfectly. Without it I am sure there would be continuous issues.
This is a great test for this unit.
The unit has cured all their printing issues
due to drying...

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indoor air pollution
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