Both controlled humidity and/or disinfection are very important for keeping the delivered product in the right environmental conditions so the product will reach its destination while maintaining quality

Cargo ships require precise humidification or disinfection of goods being transported, while searching for simple to install and maintenance-free devices on board. In addition, the device must be robust enough to operate continuously including in storm conditions.

Green Clouds meets this challenge and offers customers gentle humidification of fresh produce during sea transport. The Green Clouds UAG device was tested for robustness and delivery of aerosol in storm conditions during a 2 year process, as part of a global tender. Testing was passed and devices were installed in multiple modern cargo ships, transporting fruits and vegetables on the Mediterranean sea.

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Benefits of the UAG system:
Reach high levels of Relative Humidity (RH), up to 100%.
No wetness on produce
"Dry Fog" =no damage to any delivered product .
Effective & quick coverage of space:
Thanks to tiny droplets and gentle floating and spreading of the aerosol.
Uniform decontamination:
Each droplet in the " dry fog” will have the exact same chemical composition as in the original mass.
Can deliver a wide range of substances
Lowest cost -
a long- lasting treatment using smaller amounts of chemical substance. No waste of chemical agents falling to the floor, thanks to the small droplets.
Capable of working from a moving platform.
Easy maintenance.
food safety
indoor air pollution
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