Green Clouds brings a new and innovative concept to disinfect the volume in enclosed spaces. If there is a need to disinfect a space from bacteria and pollutants, the surface cleaning process can be completed by adding another step of "Volume Disinfection", spreading a disinfecting agent (diluted with water) into a treated space with Green Clouds' UAG. The fog will penetrate every corner in the space, and the whole volume will be exposed to the disinfecting agent.


The choice of the disinfection agent is a result of any specific application, the field or product that is needed for disinfection. It is also based on the users' decision, experience, requests and standards needed for each application. Green Clouds is not limited to, nor doesn't hold any preference for any specific disinfection agent and is not responsible for the material.

For some examples of disinfection Cases in:
Post-Harvest Fruit
Improved fumigation, herbs and spices
Mushroom Growth Stimulation

Thanks to the special & unique characters of Green Clouds' aerosol, the user achieves the following benefits:

Longer lasting treatment - Thanks to the tiny droplets which remain floating in the air, the treatment will continue
for a long time.
Reduction in use of chemicals - The process will not create any additional loss of disinfectants, caused by condensation of larger droplets.
More effective disinfection - The process will not change or influence the liquid agents' characteristics, meaning
that each droplet in the aerosol has the same exact chemical composition as the original mass, giving a perfectly
homogeneous aerosol that disinfects all spaces it contacts.


indoor air pollution
food safety
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