HUMIDIFICATION Humidifications

Air humidification occurs in nature continuously and without human intervention. However, in many industrial, commercial and agricultural markets there is a constant need to control humidification artificially by using humidifiers.

Green Clouds' aerosol technology with its 1.2 micron droplets, produced by the Ultrasonic Aerosol Generator (UAG), offers a unique humidification solution. The UAG delivers dry fog which can meet your needs for very gentle humidity, without wetting, while reaching very high humidification - up to 100%- especially in enclosed spaces.

The UAG is designed to feed any air conditioning duct with humidity, with easy access and service outside the ducting.

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Thanks to the special & unique character of Green Clouds' aerosol, the user can enjoy the following benefits:
Achieve extremely high humidity: The UAG can bring a space up to 100% Relative Humidity (RH), in an optimal way. The tiny droplets will remain suspended in the air for a long time – their surface energy is insufficient to join together with other droplets so they will float for a long time before they fall to the surface. Smaller drops translate to greater effective surface area and will thus enable a long and optimal treatment of gentle humidity to the air.
Achieve humidity without wetness: The outcome will be "cold" & "dry" humidity. The air of the treated space will be filled with humidity without feeling any wetness in the air or on the surfaces. This has great significance for spaces containing electronic components or devices.


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