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Terrorism and the use of chemical and biological weapons have become one of the biggest threats of our time. Consequently, homeland security is one of the fastest growing markets in the world, with a constant need for new and innovative solutions against constantly growing and changing threats. This is true for any area, starting with public facilities, buildings, offices, hospitals, commercial facilities (malls), trains (underground), airplanes, post-offices and more.

Green Clouds UAG can provide a platform to deal with such an attack – delivering the right substances to the air of a contaminated indoor space, affected by an attack, and reduce the contamination and its consequence.

Benefits of the UAG system:
Effective disinfection -
Good penetration of the aerosol will assure full coverage of the space and good spreading of the specific agent in the treated space.
Quick and long last treatment –
thanks to the tiny droplets that will stay suspended in the air for a long time.
Save on chemicals –
long-lasting treatment, using relatively smaller amount of chemicals. There will not be any waste of agent, due to small drops that will carry the exact same chemical composition (as in the original mass), remaining suspended in air, resulting in optimal spreading.
Can deliver a wide range of substances.
Capable of working from a moving platform or on wheels (portable version) –
so it could reach any space quickly.
Apply to very large spaces - in any size.
Very silent in operation:
May be important for some public or private sites.
food safety
indoor air pollution
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