Green Clouds’ UAG device is especially effective in industrial applications such as printing, bakeries, surgical accessories manufacturing, tobacco manufacturing, synthetic fiber and textile manufacturing, semiconductor, pharmaceuticals manufacturing, etc.

With Green Clouds' UAG device, industrial inkjet printers can get just the right humidity inside the printer, right near the printing heads, eliminating nozzle blocking due to low humidity. Alternative humidification solutions either offer too big drop size and too much wetting or too much humidity, which in all cases can damage or short electrical devices.

Industrial Bakeries can achieve high humidity during fermentation without damaging bread with residual water on the rolls/loaves of bread.
The UAG device can be mounted on the roof of the fermenting room, inside an industrial bakery. Aerosol can be delivered to the room in front of cooling units and spread throughout room. Thousands of loaves of bread get just the right humidification with no wetting. The customer can maintain 75%-80% humidity 24/7 without damaging or wetting bread loaves, thanks to Green Clouds dry fog.

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Benefits of the UAG system:
High humidification without wetness –
meets needs for humidification in small, enclosed rooms, where alternate humidification technologies will wet the goods. Eg. Fermenting rooms in industrial bakeries or where wetting may damage electronic cards or delicate equipment – eg. Textile, industrial inkjet printers.

Achieve humidification of up to
100% RH –
due to fine 1.2 micron drops suspended in the air for maximum time, address needs in high humidification applications such as textile, tobacco, car paint preparation.
food safety
indoor air pollution
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