Medical Environments – operating rooms, ambulances, emergency room etc.
For over a decade medical care services have been dealing with environmental contamination in hospitals and medical services areas. Germs and bacteria are becoming more resilient and resistant to antibiotics and other disinfection substances much more so than in the past, and the health industry is facing a wider range of different bacteria developed in its environments.

Many recent studies have reported a correlation between lower concentrations of air pollution and daily mortality. Hospitals' operation processes produce toxic air pollutants. It is known that about 10% of all patients hospitalized, get infected from some other bacteria acquired in the hospital, in some cases even leading to death. Thus, disinfection of hospital environments is crucial for the well-being of every patient.

Green Clouds technology can vastly improve the disinfection of medical areas.

Benefits of the UAG system:
3 dimensional volume disinfection
Adding a 3rd dimension in the cleaning process of any medical space, the UAG can spread fog and disinfect large enclosed spaces reaching every object in the room e.g. under tables, on LCD screens, under beds.
Integration with air conditioning:
The UAG can be integrated with the air conditioning system to disinfect rooms regularly.
Use one device to serve multiple rooms -
Model available on wheels.
Silent operation.
food safety
indoor air pollution
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